Do you like to watch?

There’s an unrivaled thrill that comes with being the voyeur. Voyeurism forces us to give up control and participate simply by watching. It’s spontaneous and unpredictable, as you don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens. The courtesans at The Player’s Society love being watched. Imagine being a peeping Tom, feasting your eyes on a beautiful woman slipping out of her stockings and lingerie, unaware she has an audience. Maybe she slips into the shower, leaving the door ajar just far enough that you can watch her pleasuring herself through the steam. Perhaps your fantasy is to watch in plain sight as a classy bombshell puts on a show for you, never breaking eye contact, while you voyeur her pleasure. Maybe your fantasy is purely to be a viewer, or perhaps the scenario involves you eventually stepping in to join the fun… Alternatively, you might have a desire to be the one who’s watched? Experience a new level of intimate connection and bring yourself right into the centre of the moment with an erotic voyeurism session.

Wine & Dine

What are you drinking?

All eyes might be on your demure date as she strides effortlessly into the hotel bar, her intoxicating presence and natural beauty radiating through the room, but it’s your eyes only that she will be seeking to meet. While your introduction will likely begin as a friendly kiss on the cheek and warm smile with a beautiful stranger, it won’t be long before the chemistry flows and the touch and tone turns flirtatious. Imagine an enjoyable escape to an upmarket restaurant or your hotel bar, where the hours disappear as the banter with an educated, well-travelled and well spoken sophisticated woman flows as easily as the wine. After dinner, abscond to the hotel room and where you can continue the conversation, without words. Dessert never tasted so sweet. Meet you at the hotel bar?

Drinks & Dancing

Let yourself go
The ultimate late night adventure 

Sydney’s electric nightlife makes it the perfect place to party. See the city in a whole new light, by allowing a full of life, vivacious party girl to take you by the hand and give you an intimate tour of the city’s hottest night spots. It’s impossible to feel anything less than excited and energised when you’re out on the town with a dynamic, sexy partner-in-crime who loves to explore and let loose on the dance floor. Pull her body close to yours and let the rest of the world slip away as you dance until the sun comes up. From cool bars and nightclubs, to more quiet late night hole-in- the-wall haunts, let us show you a side of Sydney’s nightlife that you’ll never forget.

Stay & Play

The ultimate getaway… right here, right now
Take your time

Stay & Play offers the perfect getaway for the business man who needs a holiday but doesn’t have the time to get out of town. Instead of subscribing to the constant dreary rush of life where you are always moving from one point to another as quickly as possible, forget your To Do list for a few hours and allow yourself to slow down and experience the best of what life has to offer. Imagine an unrushed experience with an incredible woman where the minutes turn effortlessly into hours and conversation and intimacy flows naturally. Longer experiences allow the chemistry time to grow from a flicker into a fire. Take the time to learn what makes each other tick – intellectually and erotically. While nothing in life is guaranteed, extended experiences will surpass your expectations, leaving you feeling relaxed, recharged and like you’ve just returned from a two week break on a tropical island.

1hr Meet & Greet

Test the waters…
Nice to meet you…
Are we the perfect match?

Are you nervous about committing to a booking? Worried you might not click? Our one hour Meet and Greet gives you an obligation-free opportunity to meet in person before deciding whether to commit to a booking. Meeting without expectation allows you to focus on getting to know each other and to make plans for future dates over a coffee or a glass or wine. We find that this time spent together before a booking is invaluable, and allows time to build rapport, eliminate nervousness and strengthen the chemistry for when you are ready to book a session. Meet and Greet sessions allow you to take the guess work out of whether an experience will be a memorable one. If you don’t feel the chemistry, you aren’t under any obligation to book a session. Are we the perfect match? Let’s find out.

Menage a Trois

Two’s company but three’s a party

The ménage a trois is at the top of the fantasy list for most people, and it’s no surprise why. Threesomes allow us the freedom of sexual experimentation: to break free from society’s expectations and forge our own paths to pleasure. Group sex opens the door to electrifying, breathtakingly erotic experiences beyond belief. Why experience lust and sensuality with one beautiful, sexually-charged woman, when you could have it two fold? More people involved means more hands, more positions, more options, more orgasms! Imagine surrendering to the touch of two lascivious, genuinely bisexual vixens who want nothing more than to ravish and please you. Ménage a trois’ offer pleasure for pleasures sake. Two’s company but three’s a party with us.

Couples Intimacy

Live out your shared fantasies safely

Take your relationship to the next level with a mind-blowing ménage a trois with a professional eroticist. Adding another person to your relationship’s existing chemistry can take your bond to a whole new level. We absolutely love meeting and playing with couples and its these dates that quite often provide us with the fondest memories. Whether this is a first for your relationship, or you’re experienced in the art of the threesome, you can entrust our genuinely bisexual courtesans to expertly navigate the experience safely and discretely, ensuring the ménage a trois is a positive, mutually-satisfying one for all. We adore men and women alike, and promise that no one will ever feel left out. Maybe your partner is curious to experience the touch of a woman but hasn’t had the opportunity yet? Watch as her senses are set alight as she is ravished by the skilled touch of a beautiful bisexual woman. Turn curious conversations into reality with an intimate couples experience.

Bed & Breakfast

How do you like your coffee?
Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Turn off your alarm and experience the feeling of being awoken by the gentle kisses of the gorgeous woman you’ve spent a delicious evening with. Imagine her big bright eyes looking up at you, a warm smile escaping her lips as she curls up in your arms, naked, a tangle of soft curls spilling over your shoulder. Bed & Breakfast bookings allow you to escape the daily grind and instead, spend it cuddling, playing, laughing, kissing, chatting and enjoying breakfast in bed with a beautiful woman. As lovers, we make the perfect part-time girlfriend! You will always find us to be playful, passionate, positive, responsive and very attentive to your needs. Let us spoil and pamper you, kick starting your day in the very best way possible.

Pornstar Packages

Indulge your wild side…
Not for the faint of heart…

Are you curious to explore the apex of primal sensation? To experience a hardcore intimacy without limits and shame? Our Pornstar Package is the perfect choice for the man who craves the wilder side of life. The courtesans at The Player’s Society make the perfect lovers for pornstar experiences, as they are deviously creative, open-minded, sexually-confident, high energy exhibitionists with insatiable appetites for sex, who love to push the boundaries of sex and pleasure. Think of us as your own private pornstar, ready to make memories that will surpass any adult film you have ever seen. Our Pornstar Packages are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before and will raise the bar for any future encounters you have. They are ‘hardcore’ personified. Life’s too short for mediocre sex. Let’s play.