Heather Hamilton

Heather is a gifted charm to the universe. And quite easily one of Sydney’s most beautiful women. Incredibly sexy, talented, smart and exuberant. Whether your glancing at heathers smile which is sweet and fantastic, melting you right down to your heart or hearing her melodic voice, or admiring her sensuous body which is pure femininity. Heather Hamilton is a woman of immense beauty. Heather offers a richness in her personality and charm which which exudes in her special qualities that endear her to all who meet her both men and women alike.



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Heather is not only beautiful she is highly successful, hardworking and passionate about her career which lands her with the perfect platform to be described as one of Sydney’s finest Courtesans.Genuinely caring if you have a good time with her and her with you ! Heather’s feedback which is although not necessary but greatly appreciated affords her complimentary responses like she never fakes enthusiasm, she genuinely loves being touched, I could play with her lustrous long hair, nibble gently on her breasts, whisper dirty things in her ear, grab her god dam hot as fuck arse, all whilst she really made me feel like she wanted me to fuck her.

Heather sets the tone of all her bedroom encounters to ensure the participation of both of you is generous, confident and highly rewarding. Always beyond a mere bang in the dark. With Heather it’s always going to be fun beyond imagination and comprehending what has happened between you will leave a lasting impression of pure joy in your heart…

Age 20's
Bust DD
Size 8
Height 5'5"
Fee $800

1 review for Heather Hamilton

  1. 5 out of 5

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    Thank you. She is a lovely person and absolutely fabulous. A perfect example of classy and exotic that I may highly recommend! – Oscar

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